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How traffic economic affects furniture industry
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-07

How does the home improvement industry grasp the opportunities behind the traffic?

Under the phenomenon, the high degree of online consumer behavior has brought about accelerating changes in consumer purchase methods. Even if the home improvement industry relies on offline, online customer acquisition is accelerating to replace traditional customer acquisition.

All of a sudden, cloud shopping guides, cloud shopping, cloud viewings… all kinds of cloud consumption began to explode. For such high-priced low-frequency industries, on the one hand, product prices are high and purchase frequency is low. At this stage, there is an urgent need to quickly adjust the marketing chain, accelerate online transformation, and do a good job in user growth.

On the other hand, the long-term "home isolation" life will also stimulate consumer demand for space and home improvement. Because of the suppression of the epidemic, rigid decoration needs such as new house decoration, old house renovation, and wedding house decoration, which are hoarded, will urgently break out in the next three months.

New demands

What follows is that users’ new consumption habits and new home improvement consumer demands are "produced," and home improvement brands should grasp the opportunities behind the accelerated change of consumption patterns and seize the explosive rebound after the epidemic , Quickly seize the online time point, and lay out long-term development.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

What follows is that users’ new consumption habits and new home improvement consumer demands are "produced." living room furniture manufacturers in china grasp the opportunities behind the accelerating changes in consumption patterns and seize the aftermath of the epidemic Explosive rebound, quickly seize the time point on the line, and lay out long-term development.

Regarding the establishment and improvement of private domain traffic, Han Miao, head of marketing planning for Tencent Advertising Home Furnishing Industry, once said that the brand relies on the WeChat ecosystem and uses mini programs, official accounts, circle of friends or communities as entry points to activate brand fans/dealer channel customers .

At the same time, through the precise placement of public domain traffic such as the official account segment mode, Moments ads, etc., the home/home improvement user group is locked, while activating old customers, expanding new customers, and achieving online store goals with accurate commercial traffic.

living room furniture manufacturers Focus on home furnishing/home improvement user groups, while activating regular customers, expanding new customers, achieving online store goals with precise commercial traffic.

In fact, under the influence of the epidemic, there are already some
dining room furniture manufacturers in china actively carried out online acceleration transformation.

The establishment of private domain traffic has never been only the acquisition of traffic, but ultimately affects consumer decisions and directly drives brand sales growth.

Effective communication

Whether it is a brand owner who has no traffic before, but needs to complete the link of traffic acquisition-user operation-conversion, or for an enterprise that has built a traffic pool but faces the quiet traffic in the pool, the activation and conversion of traffic is the key.  

The official account shopping guide serves as a connector between merchants and users, helping merchants to strengthen effective communication with users, improving service quality and user activity, and helping business transformation.

Taking home furnishings as an example, after the living room furniture manufacturers in china gets fans through advertising, it uses the customer service function to allow shopping guides to follow up with new followers online, to achieve a 1V1 dialogue with fans of the official account, which greatly increases the conversion rate of new followers , And better revitalize the official account traffic, driving direct business growth.

Some stores

In addition to using the official account shopping guide to activate private domain traffic to achieve conversion, online live broadcast is also another way to achieve online shopping guides.

For a long time, the home furnishing industry is actually doing the relationship between people. Trust is not just a discount coupon to build, but long-term practical actions are needed to operate.

Now the market is polarized more seriously. Some stores have signed hundreds of orders, only a few orders, or even no orders. There is no mystery about the way you use it. The routines are basically those, except that when the same tool is in the hands of different people and different teams, its power varies greatly.

The dining room furniture manufacturers in china look more at what they do, and then keep up. It is best to do better than others at a certain point. It should be what we are going to do now.