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How to choose living room furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-06-12

1. When choosing and buying living room furniture, choosing and buying a sofa is more important. When buying a living room furniture sofa, we should try to sit on the sofa. When sitting, the key to grasping is softness and appropriateness. People who are too soft must be vigilant. A sofa that is too soft may not be a quality problem. There will be a "snoop feeling" when you sit down. People really think it is a "sofa potato."

living room furniture

2. For small family type, the white sofa is more suitable for the living room. White has a function of 100 circles. Its lightness and cleanliness will give the space a soothing atmosphere and make the living environment less restrictive. For large living rooms, sofas and pillows, you can choose a bright color combination, I heard that this also has the effect of absorbing light.

3. If the selection and purchase of TV cabinets are generally based on the existing electrical appliances in the home to select TV cabinets, then try to give full play to the functions of all electrical appliances. If you only have a very small TV in your home, you don't have to buy a large TV cabinet, or even have an oversized audio seat.( living room furniture )

4. The size and type of the coffee table should be determined according to the size of the bedroom and sofa, the style of the coffee table should be determined according to the decorative style of the bedroom, and the color and material of the coffee table should be selected according to the color of the bedroom and other furniture. The coordination of home color matching is the key to creating a warm room. Cleverly borrow the color of other furniture in the room, pay attention to the area and quantity of the color of the coffee table, and use various colors to complement each other to make the whole room full of active fashion atmosphere.