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How to arrange living room furniture?
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-06-12

The living room is the place with the most activities in our daily home life, the scene where we receive the most guests, and the most important part of the house. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the placement of living room furniture. We will be happier and happier if we live in a good and comfortable environment for a long time.

First, the location of the living room. When buying a house, be sure to check the location of the living room. In fact, the living room should directly correspond to the main door of the room. That is to say, after entering the room, we should first see the living room, while the bedroom, kitchen, etc. should be behind the living room, or on both sides of the living room. If we put the living room at the back and look at the bedroom after entering the door, the space setting will be reversed. It's easy to make the family's financial luck decline.

The second is the living room layout and entrance setting. Although the living room should correspond to the main entrance, there must be no obstructions between the door and the living room. In order to block the distance between the living room and the main entrance, you can choose a porch or a low wall when decorating the living room. This is to provide a buffer space for the indoor and outdoor, so that the interior of the room can also be hidden from the outside. This also symbolizes a blessing.

The third is the dynamic setting of the living room layout. In the living room furniture , the setting of the mobile line in the living room is particularly important. The mobile line at home must be very smooth. The sofa is best to face the door or the TV. The sofa cannot be placed behind the door. The back door of the sofa is easy to commit villains, and when the sofa faces the door position, if the thief breaks in, there will be more reaction time.

living room furniture

Finally, the layout of the living room furniture should consider the problem of light. The brighter the light in the living room, the better. Sufficient light can make the indoor air more smooth. The indoor air is always full of sunlight and can bring good luck to the owner.

The living room is a space often used in daily life, so the furniture of the living room must not only meet the functional requirements, but also reflect the personality of the occupants, but it cannot violate the overall style characteristics of the space. Therefore, in order to achieve the harmonious unity of furniture size and color style, it is best to choose the matching furniture you want when buying. The following are some living room furniture matching schemes.

One: small sofa + coffee table. The applicable space is a small living room, suitable for economic decoration, and suitable for newly-married couples. Key points: The furniture elements are relatively simple, you can choose to spend more thought on the style , and the unique shape can bring visual changes to the small living room.

living room furniture

Two: three-person sofa + coffee table + single seat. It is suitable for small-area living room and large-area living room. It is suitable for economic decoration and medium decoration level, and the applicable crowd is newlyweds or a family of three. Key points: It can not only break the simple spatial pattern, but also meet the needs of many people; the shape of the coffee table is preferably square.

Three: L-shaped pendulum method. Suitable for large-area living room, suitable for decoration grade economy decoration, medium decoration and luxury decoration, suitable for newlyweds, family of three or two children, three generations in the same room. Key points: This is the most common form of living room furniture. It has a variety of combinations and can be selected according to your needs.

Fourth, the seated pendulum method. Suitable for large-area living room, suitable for mid-to-high-end decoration and luxury decoration, suitable for newlyweds, families with three children and three generations in the same family. Main point: It can form a feeling of gathering and surrounding. The coffee table is preferably rectangular.

Fifth: sitting on the seat. It is suitable for small-area living room and large-area living room, suitable for decoration-level economic decoration and medium decoration, and the applicable crowd is newly-weds, family of three or family of two children. Key points: The living room of different sizes only needs to change the size of the sofa.