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How to build a brand for your furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-10

Among brand dealers, the most frequently heard sentence is that your brand has not heard of it before, and its popularity is too low; end customers will also say this, it is like entering a store and saying that you are expensive and change Become casual words. This formed a closed-loop response. The owner said that he hadn't heard of it, and the distributor told the manufacturer that there were too few brand advertisements, and the manufacturer said that we did it, and complaints arose.

Home building materials

Home building materials products are durable goods and low-frequency consumer products. The dining room furniture manufacturers in china must learn to quickly establish their own brand initiative, and only the top brands can spread the net and high With the investment and multi-channel model, 99% of brands need to work together with manufacturers to establish their own leading brand traffic rights.

We generally say that this brand is good and that brand is good. Generally speaking, it refers to the high reputation. In the lower level, it means that there are more advertisements to let the industry know more. The correct explanation is: the ability of potential buyers to recognize or remember a certain brand as a certain type of product. It involves the link between product category and brand.

Let consumers find a familiar feeling, that is, the more contacts, the more they like it. This will basically be used in daily high-frequency products, because you use it every day, you will pay attention to which of these categories are more suitable for you, such as toothpaste Crest, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, etc., shampoo, etc., which you will use daily of. When it comes to our low-frequency home building materials, you will find that there are relatively few, and the depth of your attention will be low, because your brain will automatically ignore and forget.

How to disseminate should be the content of the broadcast first, and then the transmission. Therefore, the content of these transmissions should be simple, catchy, easy for others to remember. The key is to let the people who hear it be happy to spread and spread me. Good name. So generally when we do our brand advertising, we must have our brand name, then our brand positioning point, and then have the customer action word.

Brand reputation

Refers to the degree to which a brand gains public, social and industry trust, favor acceptance and welcome. It is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of the brand. It is the degree of influence in the minds of consumers and directly affects consumer decisions. Good news. Especially in the era of stock market, the era of buyers, and the era of mobile Internet, this reputation is more important to life and death. If you do well and serve well, your reputation will spread quickly, or it will stinks quickly. Reputation is the word-of-mouth communication during customer experience and after use.

For customized products, the customer's reputation lies in your design and installation. Don't think about the customers making things difficult, but think about my failure to do it. Therefore, it is particularly important to set up a project manager, or the boss to check in person.

We should not ask customers to be loyal to our brand, but how our brand is loyal to customers. In many cases, we have offended customers by ourselves and forced them away step by step.

We should not ask customers to be loyal to our brand, but how our brand is loyal to customers. In many cases, we have offended customers by ourselves and forced them away step by step.

The general logical sequence of living room furniture manufacturers in china is: build brand awareness, and then customers will generate reputation and maintain loyalty. This is the case in the industrial age. There are few media, and you can only get through this media. . As long as you advertise in these big media, spend a lot of money to build it, you will bring customers to buy.

Mobile Internet

In the era of mobile Internet, this logic is not applicable anymore. Everyone has media, which is scattered and fragmented, but the dissemination efficiency is high. So the sequence at this time: Make a product an iron powder among individual customers, and the reputation is bursting. , Loyalty leverage, spread by them on the platform. So in this era, you can think about your marketing steps directly from your reputation.

Let us first look at a serious problem: if you have no demand for the time being, the chance of a product brand entering your field of vision can be remembered is 5%. For example, if you have no need to buy a camera, you can hardly remember the camera brand advertisement on the roadside. In other words, only if you have a need, your brain will search for this information and enter the capture area of your brain.

Therefore, in the store, I have to overwhelmingly invest in advertising, if it is not the most expensive locations, or if there are more, many advertisings.

Notice your brand.

Therefore, in the store of living room furniture manufacturers in china, I have to overwhelmingly invest in advertising, if it is not the most expensive locations, or if there are more, many advertising spaces are connected together. What should I do if I cannot do it with limited funds? In a certain month, make an overwhelming investment in the store, cooperate with the store, and your ads will appear everywhere.

First of all, we are a general public. Before buying customized furniture from dining room furniture manufacturers in china, we may obtain information about this brand through media such as stores, community advertisements, owner group information, introductions by relatives and friends, and online advertisements.

At this stage, you will pay attention only when you have purchase needs, but you may not necessarily notice your brand. Because there are too many brands, customers’ needs are at a loss before they are so clear. What style, product, function, and service should be chosen. At this time, customers are too painful, so we need to have a relatively good publicity.