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Buy fresh food online when at home
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-11

The epidemic has hit the catering industry hard, but it has also given birth to more innovations.

The demand for cooking at home has caused a surge in traffic in the Internet gourmet community. then,
The living room furniture manufacturers in china have started the "chef live delivery" mode to help restaurants attract consumers to achieve higher conversion.

At the same time, the semi-finished dishes with live broadcast have become tempting hot-selling products, and this has stimulated the research and development momentum of catering companies. However, industry insiders pointed out that the sale of semi-finished products requires customers to have a strong sense of trust in the restaurant, and requires a combination of raw materials, knife skills, and exclusive secrets to form differentiated competition with traditional supermarkets and fresh food e-commerce.

Restaurant is closed

This allowed the dining room furniture manufacturers in china to meet temporarily to discuss what to do with bean curd delicacies when the restaurant is closed, everyone no longer has meals, and travel is cancelled. The result of the discussion is that starting from the second day of the new year, the paid courses that account for one-third of the income of bean fruit food are all free and open. At the same time, nutritionists are invited to provide targeted diet plans for adults, children, the elderly, and vulnerable groups. .

Colleagues habitually came to the place near the company to plan to eat, and found that it was still closed, as did other restaurants.

The semi-finished dishes produced in the central kitchen of the restaurant can be brought in through live broadcast of famous chefs, and users can place orders and deliver them home.

This approach is a bit like the shared employee model of e-commerce and food delivery platforms. The labor cost of a restaurant, especially the cost of experienced chefs, is very high. This kind of cooperation at this time helps the restaurant to stabilize the core staff and chef team to a large extent.

The living room furniture manufacturers in china are very satisfied with the live broadcast effect. Although it is the first time to participate in the'Chef Live', in the live broadcast we sold more than 600 copies of the semi-finished dish'large yellow croaker', which gave us more motivation to develop new semi-finished dishes. The ability to carry goods will be rewarded.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Electronic Commerce

Director of the Electronic Commerce Committee of the Service Trade Association and secretary-general of the China Electronic Commerce Industry Alliance, told the Beijing News reporter that the "chef live broadcast" model can easily attract consumers to watch and achieve higher conversion. "Chef is a professional, and it is easy to be respected and paid attention to by everyone. Watching the ingredients step by step into mouth-watering food during live interaction is a very tempting gourmet cooking scene. While watching the live broadcast, ordering is a lot. The involuntary action of "foodie". However, the sale of semi-finished products requires a strong sense of trust as the cornerstone and a certain brand endorsement.

In addition, the “online shopping army” is a very price-sensitive group. Consumers often compare the prices of semi-finished dishes with conventional ingredients. However, the supply chain capabilities of general catering companies are difficult to compare with traditional supermarkets and fresh food e-commerce. Not having a price advantage will be a huge obstacle to the sale of semi-finished products. "This requires catering companies to make the semi-finished products have the cooking attributes of the restaurant. They must have good seasonings, professional knife skills, and exclusive secret cooking methods to guide them, forming clear differentiation, and it is possible to avoid price competition."


In the past, the reason people didn't want to cook at home was nothing more than "lack of time + can't do it". However, due to the epidemic, a large amount of home time plus a large number of cooking courses in the Internet gourmet community greatly stimulated people's desire to cook. In the short term, cooking at home is to protect yourself and your family. In the long term, it is actually to develop a good habit of healthy living. He said that "Chef Live" will continue and it is likely to be upgraded to a brand new business model.

Regarding the cross-border cooperation between catering companies and Internet companies, the epidemic has given catering companies the most serious warning. Business backup awareness and crisis awareness must be established and strengthened. "How to operate in extreme environments" has become a catering company Important issues that must be considered, the digitalization, diversification, and multi-channel operation of catering companies will become inevitable, and cooperation with Internet companies will definitely become normalized cooperation.

Although catering companies have unique advantages such as business venues, customer groups, product capabilities and content output capabilities, they often do not have the platform capabilities, interactive capabilities, big data capabilities, and communication capabilities of Internet companies. The dining room furniture manufacturers in china can rely on their professional capabilities to use the Internet platform to increase cooperation on healthy eating knowledge and cooking teaching, spread catering concepts and brands among a wider consumer group, and build trust with consumers Relationship, achieve traffic import and expand customer base."