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How many kinds of sofa do you have ?
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-06

Sofa is a kind of multi-seat chair with soft cushions. Home sofa is an indispensable furniture in our home. It is usually placed in the living room,designed by living room furniture manufacturers The choice of sofa directly affects our living room environment and the thoughts of living room furniture manufacturers . Today, the editor has sorted out several mainstream sofa styles, and let’s talk about how sofas with different textures can better set up a style!

Fabric sofa

In the choice of color for fabric sofas, black gray brown is the first choice. If you don't like this kind of high cold feel, you can add some bright colors to the surrounding soft decorations, such as pillows, or coffee tables, chandeliers or small pendants.

The first choice for small size fabric sofas. Fabric sofas are easy to give people a warm and comfortable visual experience, which is very suitable for small apartments! It can be a simple two-seater or a small L-shaped sofa. In addition to being limited by the size of the space, the color and aesthetics do not lose to the large apartment!

  1. 1.You are not sure about the color and style. It is safest to choose black, gray and brown!
  2. 2.Don't choose too many colors for the surrounding bright colors, and try to keep the same color (such as yellow pillow + lights or hanging pictures of the same color).
  3. 3.The coffee table should be as simple as possible, and the color should be the same as the saturation of the sofa.
  4. 4.The layout of the sofa is multi-person + single-person. Although the L-shape is good-looking, it is limited by the size of the space and will be slightly heavy.

Coriaceous sofa

Leather sofas have always been known for their noble and elegant appearance, calm and comfortable body feel, wide armrests, and smooth headrest design, which reflects intimate love

everywhere. Concise curves and soft and delicate leather are fashionable and tasteful. The dark leather with strong texture will inject infinite luxury and dignity into the grand living room.

Pair with Nordic classics. This kind of leather sofa without any patterns and heavy armrests is more in line with the mainstream aesthetics in terms of beauty and matching. For example, with the Nordic classics, the brown leather sofa and the same color wood furniture or soft furnishings harmoniously create a retro and warm home atmosphere; wrapped in the

black and gray background wall, the smooth and translucent leather sofa highlights the texture.

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A classic match with industrial style. Industrial style has always advocated smooth lines, simple and natural style, and this kind of brown leather sofa and industrial style unexpectedly have a kind of temperament. With wrought iron chandeliers or strong industrial-style soft furnishings, it is extremely harmonious!Sofas with wooden or iron legs are more suitable for industrial style!

  1. 1.Sofas with wooden or iron legs are more suitable for industrial style!
  2. 2.The surrounding collocation of the leather sofa is preferably gray, white and black (cool colors), and the colors that are abrupt or over-saturated are easy to overwhelm the guests.

Other suggestion

When choosing, you can refer to the color of the wall and the floor; or the overall style to determine the main color. Generally speaking, a solid color with the same color as the curtain or wall, and a darker color is safer. No matter what style is suitable, especially It is suitable for modern simplicity, pastoral or American style.the material that has been purchased by living room furniture manufacturers. You can try the gorgeous colors with the main color and the curtain color system, and in Northern Europe, you can try geometric shapes with tough lines.

When buying a fabric sofa from dining room furniture manufacturers, you should pay attention: the seat and back cover of the sofa should be a looper structure. High-end

Fabric sofas are generally lined with cotton cloth, and other easily stained parts should be changed and washed. The sofa fabric should be relatively thick, durable, and can't afford the ball after friction.