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An introduction to loft office style from office furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-16

Recently, office furniture manufacturers have begun to take an interest in loft office style.

Loft office refers to the form of office space transformed from an old factory or warehouse. Its floor height is between 3.6-5.2 meters. This tall, open and open space breaks away from the shackles of traditional offices and integrates corporate culture and environment. Blending creates a unique and comfortable office space, becoming the new favorite of modern and stylish office decoration.

Characteristics of loft office decoration

The loft decoration mode is due to its tall and open space, double-layer structure of upper and lower floors, stairs and beams similar to theatrical stage effect, mobility, barrier-free, transparent, reduced privacy, openness, all-round room Combination and artistry are usually the owner's discretion to decide all styles and layouts, and they are popular with modern corporate office decoration design and become a favorite form of decoration. It mainly has the following characteristics:

Transparent and open office space

The loft office decoration style emphasizes the transparency and openness of the space. The traditional barriers between different functional departments are broken in the loft office space design: the use of flexible modern office furniture and the functional combination according to the personnel configuration. Open office space promotes communication and interaction between individuals in the group.
The form of the communication space can be realized in many ways: it is more common to be equipped with small round tables and chairs in the spacious aisle, and to design a small "salon" in the open office space; or in auxiliary spaces such as pantry and reading room Small tables and chairs are placed in the middle, giving it the function of communication space.

Flexible and unique layout

In the design of loft office space, there is a more urbanized concept, that is, "intersection space", which usually appears in the form of inner streets, squares, etc., in this part of the space can be set up for display, printing, temporary gathering and other different functions The regional and spatial layout is no longer the traditional neat and dense, but a more flexible and unique working environment

Loft office design often avoids the use of concrete, and tends to use wooden or iron floors, stairs, walls, etc. There will be no problems in load-bearing, but the sound insulation effect will be slightly worse than that of concrete structures. Adding sound insulation tape between the channel steel and wood board is a good way to deal with it.

In the office decoration design process, a large number of materials such as glass and stainless steel are used, or special stone, wood, etc. are supplemented at the same time, which effectively enhances the sense of fashion of the enterprise. Loft expresses individuality, freedom, fashion, casualness, and texture in an office environment without the depressive atmosphere of a traditional office, which is in line with the office needs of modern business people.

Office decoration design

Based on the characteristics of loft office decoration, companies choosing loft style office decoration have the following advantages:

On the economic level: high-rise = high space + high utilization

Many loft spaces are converted from old factories or old building groups. The height of the interior space of the original factory buildings is generally about 5 or 6 meters, and some even reach a height of ten meters, which is much higher than that of ordinary buildings. High, enterprises can perform spatial separation and mezzanine treatment according to their own needs. Separating into upper and lower floors increases the building area in the suite and improves the utilization rate of space. Today, when the rent of urban office space is increasingly expensive, this kind of high utilization space greatly reduces the operating cost of enterprises and is accepted by most enterprises.
On the spiritual level: a business office that showcases personality.