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Think about unexpected contemporary design from office furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-04

The office furniture manufacturers in china have many new furniture concepts.
The smaller and smaller living space makes people focus on more creative furniture design.

Compared with those heavy and rigid office furniture, more and more companies are also inclined to use more efficient, flexible and diverse furniture.

How convenient is it when the furniture has "long legs"?

Moving table

The Swiss company Moving Walls has added a new product to its office furniture series, the Moving table. Unlike regular desks, the designer has given it more functions and meaning.

The highlight of this table is that it can be used as a wall display panel.

The lightweight desktop is mounted on two solid wood tripods, which can write like a whiteboard, can be used as a large demonstration board on the wall, or can be hung on a wall-mounted mobile rail system.

This series also includes removable magnetic walls, stools made of recyclable material Formfleece and mobile sound-absorbing panels.

office furniture manufacturers in china

Moving Walls

Moving Walls hopes that its design can provide a more flexible alternative to ordinary work spaces, thereby increasing productivity by encouraging people to gather in a comfortable environment and stimulating creative discussions.

Apollo series

American designer Shane Schneck, based in Sweden, recently created a series of office furniture called "Apollo" for the brand Manerba.

This series adopts a flat design concept, removes all redundant and complicated decorative effects, and uses playful and lively colors.

These furniture also have the attribute of "modularity", which can be assembled in 3 minutes, with various styles and sizes, which can be configured according to the needs of each office.

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