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The stylish and interesting design of dining room furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-02

The lifestyle experience pavilion with boring rooms is divided into three floors, and each floor displays different household items. The dining room furniture comes with small decorative and design details, stylish and interesting.

Game consoles are one of the dazzling elements that have attracted the attention of some consumers. In fact, this game console is also a kind of storage cabinet. The medieval-style game console has the functions of a storage cabinet, making a piece of furniture practical and fun.


Recently, Internet celebrity home furnishing stores have also become one of the “grass-growing” categories for netizens. It is not difficult to find on various social platforms such as Weibo and Dianping. People sought after.

Searching for home check-in shops on a social platform reveals that designer stores such as Cabana, Zhiyin, DULTON, Haobai Store are frequently recommended, and the reason for the recommendation is not a single label.

The reporter visited various home furnishing stores and found that these independent stores have products sold by independent designers, and the decoration style tends to be younger, and the store layout is not simply a product display and sale. In May of this year, Cabana opened a store in Sanlitun, Beijing. It is a brand collection store focusing on mid-to-high-end modern furniture. Just over three months after opening, it surpassed one.

A brand

Also in May of this year, the designer brand from Shanghai launched a collaboration model with Universal Pictures "Despicable Milk Daddy". The four new products inspired by the "little yellow man" and their unique creativity have attracted many young people to watch "check in."

Subsequently, the voice in Chaoyang Joy City also entered the "little yellow man" mode. The "little yellow man" series of products were placed in the store, which added a touch of cuteness to the original trendy store. According to the clerk of the Zhiyin Chaoyang Joy City store, the brand had 7 offline stores nationwide at that time, and may open more offline stores in the future.

The designer stores of DULTON and Haobai shops have become popular with their unique styles. DULTON is a dining room furniture store from Japan.Forks, dishes and other bottles. The Haobai store has an all-white storefront style, and the design products are also very creative. According to the clerk, some products are not mass-produced because they are made purely by hand, so some products only have one piece. In addition to the sale of products, such designer brand stores also possess the temperament of a "net celebrity" check-in shop.

dining room furniture

Diversified labels

In addition to the function of selling living room furniture, this kind of designer brand home furnishing store also has more diversified labels. Simple product sales are no longer suitable for their operating model. For example, the lifestyle experience hall with boring rooms has more diversified space utilization methods.

The founder of the Tired Room, said: "Lifestyle experience space is not only a simple home store, it can be transformed into a different space, it can be a gallery, a classroom, a grocery store, a movie theater or a theater. It's a more open and interesting space."

s many as 84% ​​of designers believe that consumers should pay for design drawings, indicating that designers have a clear understanding of their own value. However, 14.29% of designers believe that although they should pay, the reality is that the owners are rarely willing to pay for the drawings alone.


In the eyes of Erben Design Studio Zhang Haonan, this was almost an unsolvable problem in the past. But with the awakening of consumer awareness, some consumers have begun to realize the value of "design". The key is how designers can make consumers feel at ease and satisfied. We understand that he is leading a small team to explore the standards and better quantification of design drawings.

For example, after providing the owner with a complete set of construction deepening plans, including a specific purchase list, they will also introduce construction teams with good reputation and service quality to customers through years of experience, and they will also give the construction team Detailed construction instructions to the greatest extent, reducing errors.

Hangzhou Meijian Technology, which is positioned as the "software design purchasing assistant", puts its vision on the transparency of software purchasing.

He believes that by creating an open designer procurement platform and transparent rebate standards, on the one hand, it can provide manufacturers with a new channel entrance, and on the other hand, it can also help designers provide better dining room furniture Products and generate revenue.