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The structural design of domestic modular sofa and its influence on home decor
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2021-01-18

The structural design of the domestic modular sofa has a great influence on the home decor. The leisure sofa makes the furniture layout more unique.

If the usage rate exceeds 20%, it is quite dangerous. The functional design should take into account safety. When using the cabinet, you must stand on a chair or even use a ladder, which may cause "home harm". What is more terrifying is that the elderly and Children spend more time at home, so the chance of injury is greater, and the injury to the elderly may be "irreparable".

Design of modular sofa

In addition to safety, the structural design is mainly to study the load of the furniture, that is, how much material should be used to safely use the furniture parts. The structural design must know how a piece of furniture will be used, and it must also know how it will be used "unreasonably". For example, for sofas, we must know the force that people endure when sitting down and leaning back, and we must also know the force generated when moving the sofa, carrying, transporting, and even pushing and lifting on the floor...etc. Damage.

leisure sofa

Home decor

The structural design of furniture, like the design of other historical structures (such as houses and bridges), has evolved and developed through continuous trials and continuous learning from experience and lessons (such as houses falling down, bridges falling down). But the problem is that the analysis procedures for other structural sciences other than furniture have been quite complete. We can live in the house and cross bridges with confidence.

However, the scientific furniture structure fails to attract attention, and we do not even know that there is such a thing. Going on. Carl A. Eckelman of the United States is the first to introduce the quantitative structure of furniture to furniture design. He believes that designers must know that when a person sits on a chair, he leans back, turns, etc. Under the circumstances, what are the loads on the chair? And how often do these loads occur?

This is related to the size of each part of the chair and how to calculate it. Of course, in addition to coping with the load, it must also take into account the cost and strike a balance between these. The home drcor is therefore different from the past.

The whole atmosphere is novel and unique. Of course, the structural design also includes the tenon and tenon design. There are many special articles in this area, so I won't say more here. When designing the structure, we must also take into account the function and aesthetic appearance.