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The related products of home furnishing brands
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-10

Single product distributors extend to alliance or multi-product direction.In fact, distributors and living room furniture manufacturers in china have encountered certain bottlenecks in single product operations.So alliances have become the norm in the industry, but this kind of alliances are still relatively low-level and are limited to event alliances.

Therefore, some forward-looking dealers have begun product integration, and dealer alliance experience stores have also emerged. The so-called alliance experience store is essentially a cross-brand contextual display, built according to styles rather than products.

New retail

New retail is not just about attracting traffic online. In fact, the argument of new retail is said to be that Jack Ma turned to offline to grab traffic because of the exhaustion of online traffic. In short, in the new retail environment, the integration of online + offline is the general trend for every household brand.

From online to offline, from offline to online, omni-channel integration and layout. New retail is not just about attracting traffic online. In fact, the argument of new retail is said to be that Jack Ma turned to offline to grab traffic because of the exhaustion of online traffic. In short, in the new retail environment, the integration of online + offline is the general trend for every household brand.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

The dining room furniture manufacturers in china hope that consumers can create an online and offline experience space in offline physical stores, form a continuous and three-dimensional brand display, and enhance the user experience as much as possible, so that users can experience it truly and truly To the lifestyle that the brand wants to offer them.

Online brand

The most typical online-to-offline layout and drainage is Lin's Wood, an online brand that has grown up on a pure e-commerce platform, but as the cost of attracting customers is getting higher and higher,living room furniture manufacturers in china have begun to move to physical stores in recent years. New offline retail stores will be the core strategic layout in the future.

Naturally, traditional offline brands are not to be outdone, and they are also deploying the whole network to attract traffic. Today, when the influence of the mobile terminal is growing, various traffic based on the mobile terminal has also begun to be deployed, such as WeChat mall, fission applet, Douyin, Kuaishou drainage, direct network drainage, etc.

Household products

Consumers are becoming more and more layered, niche, and tribal, which means that no traffic entry is monopolized. It means that the channel for attracting traffic, reaching precise customers, and deploying omni-channel online and offline, is every What a household brand must and must do.

1/ The large household product line is now taking two paths, one is the explosive style, that is, it continues the single-category thinking and makes the products the ultimate.

Such as creative home appliances, smart home appliances, art furniture, creative furniture, functional ceramics, smart bathroom, design bathroom, etc. This explosive product route seems to be able to go on forever. After all, the foundation of the marketing building itself is based on products, and the core of user consumption is also products.

I can even assert that, for most small and medium-sized enterprises, making explosive models is more promising than making large collections of home furnishings and is more in line with their own philosophy of survival.

2/ Another way for large home furnishings is to make stylized integration of product lines, not selling single products, but selling space and aesthetics.

It’s a bit like selling a car. What consumers want is not a certain part of the car, but a whole car that meets their needs.

In fact, consumers have the same ultimate demand for home decoration. Consumers want more than just a table, a chair, a home appliance, and a set of furniture, but also the customization of the entire house and the aesthetics presented by the physical space.

Design and service

Therefore, the products of Big Home have broken away from the concept of products in the physical sense and become a complex of space, scene, experience, design, and service, which is the overall solution of home space.

What to solve? Life scene, lifestyle. "The large home collection store has become the entrance to the life scene. In addition to the convenience and worry-free one-stop shopping for customers, every item under the product scene is a sellable commodity to solve the two main pain points of consumers. And demand: one-stop shopping/lifestyle and aesthetic upgrade".

Therefore, a large collection of home furnishing stores—hardware+software+edge products, which together constitute a lifestyle space, came into being.

Completely simulate home life, so that the physical space of the home furnishing store from the collection of product lines has become a scene experience space full of lifestyle, and it has also changed from a traditional low-frequency terminal to a high-frequency social space.

Therefore, in addition to the main products, the home brand physical store also incorporates coffee, tea, desserts, books, handicrafts, parent-child, feng shui ornaments, etc. by self-operating or introducing professional brands. The purpose is to superimpose products through multiple formats. In-depth integration with life scenes enhances consumer participation, turning the traditional low-frequency consumption space of the home into a high-frequency consumption participation space.

Good business format

Some dining room furniture manufacturers in china, made useful attempts.

For example, the emergence of Home Delivery Supermarket Stores is also adhering to this idea. The 5000 square meter Beijing C store is the comprehensive type with the largest area, the richest format and the strongest sense of experience in Shangpin Home Delivery and even the whole house. Flagship retail store.

The superposition of a good business format is to gather all online and offline passenger flows in the retail terminal to form a brand-new "field"; instead of simply harvesting traffic, it is necessary to dig deep into customer value and make every user a super user.