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The principle of winning has not changed
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-04

In recent years, news of furniture retail stores closing is not new.

Opening directly-operated stores can be described as a money-burning business. Most furniture companies still rely on large-scale furniture stores and dealers. However, the core area of ​​the furniture store generally gets the higher price, and it is difficult for ordinary furniture brands to compete with big brands for territory. Adding in staff salaries, water and electricity, and sales promotion activities, it is another bill that cannot make ends meet. Even for dealers with rich experience and strong local contacts, many people will inevitably go to Maicheng.

Small and medium brands can hardly sustain their livelihoods, while large brands often take risks on the path of channel expansion. Judging from the semi-annual reports of listed companies this year, the large expenditures of many counter stools manufacturers are spent on mergers and acquisitions, channel expansion, new brand operation and maintenance, etc., to seize market share as soon as possible.Behind the rapid expansion is the risk of rupture of the corporate capital chain. For example, several large companies that broke out in bankruptcy in August now have blind expansion.

When will the big reshuffle of the furniture industry end? Some people say that the market itself is the big filter of the industry. First screen out companies that fail to pass, and then screen out backward companies that have failed to keep up.

In this process, there will be a steady stream of new brands filling in to accelerate the elimination process.

The times are advancing rapidly. As a specific enterprise, only by removing the pain points of the industry can it move forward. If the brand can't keep up with the development of the entire industry, it will inevitably end up sadly.

In a crisis-ridden market, forward-looking counter stools manufacturers are often just a little better than their opponents, with more endurance and more perseverance. When the competitor cannot support it, the space it leaves is its own business opportunity.

The market is cruel, and the principle of winning has not changed.

The safety of furniture products has always been a major problem in the industry. Manufacturers need to avoid it as much as possible.

At present, most of the complaints about furniture products are still focused on product quality failures, including product safety issues, product damage, cracking, bending, deformation, product misalignment, and inadequate after-sales service. Among them, complaints about the safety of furniture accounted for the majority, and the most common is that the amount of harmful substances released by the furniture exceeds the standard, the product performance does not meet the standard, and the design of children's furniture does not meet the standards.