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The Market conditions considered by dining room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-16

It may be difficult to describe the home market in the next two years in one word.

Even so, the short-term market difficulties do not affect my long-term judgment of the home furnishing industry. I am still very optimistic about the future growth of the home furnishing industry. Just like the theme I shared for the first time last year by Bank of China Securities, "Can the home furnishing industry produce great companies" The same beliefs.

Specific reasons

However, this article does not analyze the specific reasons for today's market shrinkage. The reason is already in the past tense. Although this may be the most important part of many people, I think these reasons are not important for today because of the market environment. , The company cannot control the past and the future. You can understand the market trend and follow the trend, but you cannot control the trend;

The reason is that if small environment of dining room furniture manufacturers in china is not in place, the company can achieve good growth when the market trend is good, so it creates the illusion that the company is very powerful and thinks it is a company The result of proper strategy and in place execution, everyone knows that it is only a market dividend. The decline in the industry and the stagnant growth of the enterprise are good strategies that reflect outstanding entrepreneurs. The best time and stage for good layout and execution is the best time and stage for entrepreneurs in critical moments. Responsibility is the key to the company's continuous breakthrough of growth dilemma.

Market conditions

To a certain extent, today's market conditions are a touchstone for testing good companies and a big stage for outstanding entrepreneurs. We will wait and see for the outstanding companies and outstanding entrepreneurs that will stand out in three to five years.

Today's strategic planning may not be able to adapt to future growth and competition, and cannot break through the original conventional track. We need a new business model that adapts to the growth path. This innovative growth model requires the dining room furniture manufacturers in china, the management team and the distribution system to reach a unified opinion, and to infuse the entire system.

dining room furniture manufacturers in china

Plan for the future

To stabilize the present and plan for the future, we need a long-term strategic analysis and layout, not for market value layout, but for continuous growth in the future. In other words, the decline in growth rate today is not a problem.

If it is a relative decline caused by the overall environment, there is no problem with the corporate strategy itself, and it can adapt to changes in the future market environment, and the decline in growth rate is a normal thing. However, if the decline in growth rate is caused by the company's own strategic defects, the decline is accelerated in a bad market environment, and the strategy is obviously not adapted to future environmental changes, that is a major problem.

The market is always changing, and consumers will read the guide for buying furniture before buying. The merchant knows this very well.

In the major changes in the home furnishing industry that have occurred once in a decade, entrepreneurs need to think about how to transform the old and the new to gain new momentum. This requires great courage and clear judgment; professional managers need assistance and even guide entrepreneurs to do so. Otherwise, it would be negligent, because future growth is based on today’s judgment.