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The current situation of home furnishing industry
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-14

The number of bankruptcies of real estate developers has reached 446. On average, 1.5 real estate companies go bankrupt every day, setting a historical record. In this thirty-page list of real estate bankruptcies, most are small and medium-sized real estate companies in third- and fourth-tier cities. , But there are also some well-known real estate companies that are well-known and even rank among the top 100.

Living conditions

The term "real estate" developer was placed in the past few years. The most easily associated term is "make money, profiteering". However, today, these companies that we thought are the most able to survive are in batches. The fall, people can't help asking, what is going on?

The number of living room furniture manufacturers in china is far beyond our imagination. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 100,000 registered real estate developers, so in terms of China’s current population distribution and living conditions, the number Such a huge real estate developer certainly does not conform to the current market development

Judging from the shocking real estate data this year, we all think that the real estate industry may no longer be booming, but in fact, regardless of this year, in the past 5 to 10 years, dining room furniture manufacturers in china During the hot phase, there are many subsidiaries of top brands, so mergers and reorganizations and integration of resources have been happening in the real estate industry in recent years, and will continue to happen, and the number of real estate companies declared bankruptcy will increase in the future increase.

Real estate industry

Of course, on the other hand, due to the continuous adjustment of policies in recent years and resource competition among developers, when the industry has entered a stage of stable development, some companies that do not have sufficient capital chain support and lack market competitiveness will naturally Was also eliminated.

Seeing this, you may think that the current market situation for living room furniture manufacturers in china should only be small and medium-sized enterprises that will have the above problems and be affected, but in fact, even Yihe Real Estate and Sansheng Hongye In the past two years, other established top real estate developers have also burst out financial problems one after another. So is the real estate industry really struggling?

In fact, it may not, on the contrary, this may be a good thing for the real estate industry, because it will promote the standardization of the real estate industry. When the real estate industry is standardized, only healthy competition will appear.

Transaction rate

What impact will the real estate industry have on the home furnishing industry?

So in the current situation of the real estate industry "reshuffle", how will we as practitioners in the home furnishing industry be affected?

living room furniture manufacturers in china

First of all, the operating status of the real estate industry must be closely related to the home furnishing industry. Although the real estate policy is constantly tightening, the transaction rate of first-hand houses is not as bad as we thought, because although the house is just a "commodity" for developers, But it is a "necessity" for us people.

In addition, when small and medium-sized enterprises collapse one after another due to capital and sales problems, the top brands are still developing steadily, so this is not a bad thing for living room furniture manufacturers in china, because when the real estate industry After a series of mergers and acquisitions, there will be a situation of survival of the fittest. For the real estate industry, this is not the "winter is coming", but the "dawn is coming", and the same is true for the home furnishing industry.

ow should home furnishing practitioners respond to the current situation?

But when facing the current real estate industry, the home furnishing industry will inevitably be affected. What can we do at this time?

Smart home

First of all, strengthen the integration of business models to change from "point" to "line" to "surface". In the past two years, we can see that the "whole house customization" home improvement model has been accepted by the public and has become a new favorite in the home improvement market. Therefore, under this trend, home furnishing practitioners are required not to rely on a single "point". "To attract consumers, for example, a certain brand is a cabinet maker, and its cabinet products are also among the best in the market. However, in order to cope with the advent of the whole house customization era, the brand quickly joined other parts, but consumers want "Everything is a high-quality product", and wanting to attract consumers by relying on a certain highlight is undoubtedly an act of throwing stones at the feet.

Secondly, this year is the first year of 5G, so it has pushed the Internet era to a peak. In addition, many Internet companies have also started "smart homes" across borders. In the current home furnishing market tends to stabilize, if they are "Sharing the soup" is naturally not conducive to the development of traditional manufacturers. Therefore, when we strengthen our "industry", we must also adapt to the development of the times and add "smart" elements.