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The cost of offline stores and the value of products sold online
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2021-01-18

In the current situation of slow growth in the retail market and changes in home improvement policies, single product intelligence can no longer meet market demand. With the development of 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, home appliance companies and living room furniture manufacturers are seeking new directions for transformation. Will the combination of smart home and pre-installation be a suitable direction?

The "smart screen", which was heated up by Huawei's entry, is gradually cooling down.

Value of products

"You want to use the smart screen as the control center of the furniture. First, it must be kept on. Second, it can only talk and watch, but not touch. In addition, the smart screen can only be fixed in the bedroom, living room or study. It is far from enough." Skyworth Chief Engineer Wu Wei said.

In fact, smart screens with the core concept of "interaction between people and home appliances, home appliances and home appliances" are not new. With the rise of AI and 5G concepts in recent years and the attempts of various industries to make smart homes, smart screens are also It is not necessarily the center of the smart home. Furniture lovers have provided many blog posts on doodlekit.

Taking the "Intelligent Control Center" launched by Skyworth on November 27 as an example, it is different from the current home intelligent control center that mainly uses voice and mobile phone interaction modes. It chooses the "coffee table" in the living room as the central carrier. A 24-inch touch screen is installed on it, and users can choose touch, voice, tablet, mobile phone and other methods to control the screen on this coffee table, and then control the refrigerator, washing machine, camera, air conditioner and other smart appliances in the whole house. In addition, this intelligent control coffee table can also be built-in various APPs, which can almost be regarded as a smart phone without a call function.

Recent years

According to Liu Tangzhi, CEO of Skyworth Group, in addition to the coffee table, the carrier of this intelligent control center can also be replaced with a desk, bedside table or shoe cabinet according to different family structure and lifestyle needs. Therefore, on the day of the press conference, Skyworth signed a strategic cooperation agreement with companies in the real estate, home improvement, and home furnishing fields, such as Yuexiu Real Estate, Poly International Eco, Liangjia, Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture, Shenzhen Zuozu Furniture, and Golden Bauhinia Decoration.

In fact, this pre-installed smart home, which is closely integrated with home furnishing, decoration design and real estate companies, has become a new trend in the development of the home appliance industry.

In recent years, Henan, Shanxi, Hubei and other provinces and cities have successively issued policies on accelerating the development of finished housing. Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen have also begun to implement the construction of fully furnished finished housing, and the market for rough housing is gradually shrinking. At the same time, the need to move in with a bag after buying a house has also made various real estate companies begin to seek cooperation with decoration, home furnishing, home appliances and other companies.

On the other hand, due to global economic fluctuations, downturn in real estate sales, disappearance of demographic dividends, consumption upgrades, and industrial upgrades, the retail market of the home appliance industry has been under pressure for a long time, and the market performance is not satisfactory. Transformation and adjustment are becoming the home appliance industry The total synchronization adjustment.

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