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bedroom furniture manufacturers in china to make it better
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-23

As the saying goes, "the heroes are born in troubled times." In such a period of oscillation, there is no more harmonious situation of "hello, me, hello, everyone." There must be companies destroyed in the dust, and some companies will rise in the micro time. "Unicorn", two experiences from "heaven" and "hell" may even hit the left and right atriums of entrepreneurs at the same time, making you depressed and driving you crazy.

Complex environment

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china must learn to survive in a complex environment.
The so-called unicorn company is considered to be a concept created by venture capitalist Aileen Lee in 2013. The simple definition is a start-up company with a valuation of more than US$1 billion. Some investment institutions define "start-up" as a start-up less than 10 years old. Unicorn companies are regarded as an important indicator of the development of the new economy, mainly in the high-tech field, and the Internet field is particularly active.

It is true that if an enterprise has advantages in the six elements of product, service, brand, supply chain, underlying technology, and system combat capability (the last point of system combat capability can be understood as the advantage of team talents), then the company must be "independent" "The horned beast" is undoubtedly, on the other hand, once you become a "unicorn", the above six points are not bad, and the capital should be strong enough.

Bedroom furniture manufacturers in china

But the ideal fullness can't stop the skinny of reality. We can see which elements we can only rely on to survive, and even live well.

One. You can’t rely on the brand! But you can rely on the product.

Based on the characteristics of the entire industry, in fact, the number of leading home furnishing brands that can rampage in the industry is counted by ten fingers, but the prediction of whether it can develop sustainable development is not due to the advantages of its brand , but to See whether product advantages have been maintained. My personal opinion is that the society will further enter the practical era in the future, and conspicuous consumption will gradually weaken, similar to the low desire society in Japan-I buy my product itself, and I buy what I think is affordable. This is also a characteristic of economic depression. Playing with the brand is worse than returning to the product itself.

bedroom furniture manufacturers in china
  1. It is not possible to rely on service! You can rely on the supply chain.

From the perspective of traditional manufacturing, most companies can't think of service. Therefore, companies that can work hard on service have the possibility of a ride. However, we want to see what is behind the home furnishing industry services? It happens to be quite a core thing, and the supply chain is smooth. The rise of JD.com's self-built logistics is its key. Hema Xiansheng's free door-to-door delivery makes people realize that the service is not just a smile and passion, but a supply chain, which is the speed of M2C.

  1. Relying on crowded tactics is not allowed! Rely on the underlying technology.


System combat advantage is a relatively fictitious concept. Some people may misunderstand what traditional companies have been doing, such as the expansion of investment teams and blasting teams. Such crowded tactics will undoubtedly be tomorrow. In the era when there was a blank market in the past, the high-profile claim that "channels are king" was absolutely correct. Going to a county on the border of Yunnan can create the myth of selling millions of mattresses a year.

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china understands the importance of improving design.

Nowadays, intensive cultivation of the stock market, C2B has become a must, but how do you understand the needs of consumers, how to provide consumer portraits, how to provide home solutions for consumers' space tailored, and how to quickly complete consumer orders. .. This all requires the bottom layer The laying of technology, especially the underlying information technology, and the construction of R&D, marketing, sales and production on top of the underlying technology to achieve marketable and efficient construction. You must know that the product cannot be sold, and no amount of production capacity is efficient. Instead, it is a loss.