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New situation of upholstery furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-23

The new situation of upholstery furniture manufacturers.
We live in an era like a high-speed train, it is difficult to stop. Yesterday Bitcoin, today's blockchain; today consumption upgrades, tomorrow consumption downgrades; the first second is still on the Weibo hot search list, the next second will have a big change.

Looking at the home furnishing industry, the same is true: there are many changes! Design, production, channels, consumption, products, brands, and marketing models are all changing at an immeasurable speed.

In 2016, the home furnishing industry began to slowly accept the new thing of “e-commerce”; in 2017, Jack Ma’s new retail concept was implemented, allowing the furniture industry to integrate online and offline and logistics more closely; 2018, as the mobile Internet gradually matures , The change of the industry model has been explored, and the home furnishing industry has seen a "two heavens of ice and fire" scene. It can be said that this year's home furnishing industry is more cruel than previous years, and various trends in the industry affect the hearts of furniture people.

upholstery furniture manufacturers

The living room chair manufacturer talk with consumers. With the rapid increase in the number of my country's middle class, middle and high-end consumer groups have gradually emerged. More and more domestic consumer groups are beginning to pay attention to the overall art of home life. Old finished furniture can no longer satisfy consumers' pursuit of personalized life. People prefer to add their own creativity and characteristics to home life. This has led to an upward trend in the demand for custom furniture throughout the house.

Driven by market demand, many brands have begun to transform to whole-house customization, and some upstream decoration and building materials industries have also begun to expand their product lines, which invisibly stirred up the household industry model structure. "One-stop service" and "Whole house customization" have begun to enter the stage of rapid growth.
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  1. Brand value has become a new outlet for consumption

With the increase in the income level of residents, the era of buying furniture only by price is slowly disappearing, and it is brand value that replaces it. In the current situation of asymmetry in furniture product information, brands represent product quality and service capabilities, and more and more consumers tend to choose well-known brands. In the future, small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have a brand foundation will also face elimination, and groups centered on branded enterprises will appear one after another.

  1. Green environmental protection has gradually become a trend

In recent years, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, and environmental protection has still become a hot topic, which has also aroused consumers' attention to environmentally friendly homes. Especially in 2018, environmentally friendly household products have become a new choice for consumers. Environmentally friendly home furnishing has become the mainstream, and this will certainly become the trend of the home furnishing industry in the future.