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Internet new retail channel of living room chair manufacture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-22

Touting a model or a channel in China is often prefixed with the word "new" in order to separate from the past self, even if in most cases it is to change the soup without changing the medicine, as if a "new" word is true Is different. "New Retail" was also born under the guidance of Teacher Ma. Of course, Alibaba did a lot of effort for this word, so that it seems to be the case.

Internet and fashion

There are also a few "panacea" that are the Internet and fashion. At present, young people in the 18th-tier villages and towns know that they can use their mobile phones to fight Duoduo to cut a few heads. The Internet is definitely the most barbarous growing species in China. As far as it is too late, "fashion" has already been marked on hiking shoes, jackets, sweaters, and T-shirts with 9 yuan and 8 free shipping.
In the home furnishing industry, there has also been a wind of justice of "new retail", and those who embrace Tmall, JD.com, and Pinduoduo do not know where they are, but the manufacturers who have really reaped three or five buckets of revenue through new retail of living room chair manufacture .

There are few problems, because it involves low frequency, large-value consumer products and consumption habits, the layout of each manufacturer's outlets, online and offline prices, service connection and other issues have not been well resolved, including service fees and the business scale required by each platform Wait.

living room chair manufacture

Finally, since everyone has made corresponding pre-judgments in the early stage, there has not been too much exposure from manufacturers to distributors. Therefore, in the home furnishing industry (especially the whole-house customization industry), the brands on the Internet new retail track are acting as pathfinders and guinea pigs.

Through the exhibition

The current Cobb does not know whether it is still in the brand sequence of Bologna or where the brand is used. I still remember that Bologna Cai Ming put forward the concept of "real estate munitions" several years ago, which aimed at targeting Cobb to hardcover. Room, providing chair products similar to the current ones.Unfortunately, like many stories in the history of Boloni’s development, they are all a bit ahead, so that Cobb seems to have disappeared from people's vision.

This is a sub-brand that the Gold Medal has incubated on Tmall. In the early stage, it adopted the online and offline channel combination mode, and it was positioned at the light fashion crowd. It generally felt that it was taking the cost-effective route. At least at the time, it was not considered as a comparison with the Gold Medal. Expensive or high-end.The living room chair manufacture appeared through the exhibition, and started as an old driver, taking the "high-definition" route, at least it does not seem to be cheap.

For example, it's like porridge. Compared with the labels with poorer economic conditions (outlets, revenue scale), we are still cautiously persuading that the main brand of porridge can continue to be blown, and don’t rush to dump it. The second pot of cooking is not necessarily the second pot. It's more fragrant than the first pot. As for those who don't have much food but continue to consume more than ten pots of porridge, we have seen that the porridge becomes thinner and the calories provided are less and less.