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In the hands of bedroom furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-21

In the hands of producers or wholesalers, products are only a conceptual use value. Only when they enter the consumer field can they have a more realistic use value. Retail is the last link in bringing commodities from the circulation field into the consumer field.

As the most terminal of the economic activity process, it is not only the logical starting point of the entire economic activity, but also the key link to realize the commodity from "value" to "utility".

Therefore, the author believes that the essence of retail is a commercial activity that provides effective goods and services to the final consumer or family through a certain technology or form.

Has the current new retail "qualitative change"?

The author's answer is no.

Perspective of the historical changes

From the perspective of the historical changes and development of retail, e-commerce is a brand-new retail format driven by technology and an inevitable form of sales in the information society, but this has not changed the essence and connotation of retail of bedroom furniture manufacturers in china.

To use an analogy, traditional retail and new retail actually come from the A and B segments of the same song. No matter how varied the melody is, they play a role in adding features to this "song of retail". They only exist between them. The progressive logical relationship is not two new species that are very different from each other.

However, the new retail layout of most industries is turning the cart before the horse, just to bring forth the new and to highlight their status as a platform for new ideas. The main reason for this phenomenon is that everyone does not fully understand the pattern of China's original retail system.

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The barter exchange

The barter exchange in the primitive society gave birth to the embryonic form of retail. After the emergence of merchants and currency in the slave society, the specific retail method basically took shape. After four to five thousand years of development, the form of retail has changed from business to business, from specialized shops in handicrafts to grocery stores, to modern department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, and many other formats. Retail Ye's development is always changing. Historical vehicles have run over the trajectory of annual rings, and new retail methods are emerging in an endless stream, but they have not changed the nature of retail, that is, selling goods or services directly to end consumers.

Goods and services

Goods and services are the essential connotation of retail, and satisfying customer needs is always the first. No technology can change this essence in any era.

And new retail is only a part of the arc of the annual ring. "New" and "old" cannot serve as the role titles that inspire qualitative change, nor can they rise to the stage of "reshaping the retail form" that everyone shouts.
Jack Ma once said: "Online companies must go offline, and offline companies must go online. Only by adding modern logistics online and offline can real new retail be realized."From the guide for buying furniture, we can find businesses that provide quality services,

In theory, this concept is not rigorous, because retail has no distinction between old and new. However, the connotation of online and offline integration that dominates new retail is a correct way to pass, because in the information age guided by the Internet, the aftermath of e-commerce and large-scale applications will definitely be combined with traditional retail, and finally present a retail approach.

However, after observation, the author found that the emergence of unmanned shopping malls and online shopping malls did not replace the general appearance of traditional retail such as grocery stores, commercial streets, and bazaars. What technology changes is only the form and method by which humans obtain commodities. Retail of bedroom furniture manufacturers in china is still the core of the commercial society and the final form of exchange. The focus is on infinitely narrowing the distance between people and commodities.

(3) Consumers are fancy products + transactions, not new concepts

Sampled interviews

The author has sampled interviews and surveys among consumers buying in different new retail stores to study their opinions on some current "new retail" brands. I found an interesting phenomenon. Except for consumers who have researched the industry, the vast majority of the remaining people do not know what "new retail" is. They are not sensitive to changes in retail.

"What new retail? I don't know much. I think as long as the product is good, we will buy it, either online or in a physical store." said an unnamed customer who took a sample survey by the author.

It can be seen that from the birth to the application of the new concept, the only service provider is the consumer, and the recipients are not eager for the idea and the new concept. Although their views do not have an industry perspective, they can reflect the most important needs in the industry. What effort.