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How to reduce operating costs in the chair market
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-05

In fact, there is no secret. It is here to improve a little bit, there to save a little bit, for many years, repeatedly pondering and improving various details. In this way, the cost was gradually reduced.

For example, for some fixed connectors, most manufacturers use metal parts, but the amount is very small. But such a little bit of Billy bookshelf has to be picked, using plastic parts-of course, plastic parts that can meet the quality requirements. Assembling the bookshelf requires parts such as bolts and nuts. You will know once you assemble it, and IKEA will not give you more nails.

In the furniture industry, there is the same situation, wood chair manufacturers are facing cost pressure.

Unique style

This is still what consumers can see. There are more places you can't see. There is a star product mug. The annual sales volume of this mug is as high as 25 million, which is an astronomical figure. The design of this mug is unique. The cup body is gradually tightened from top to bottom and the handle is particularly small. I posted the picture of this cup in the manuscript, you can take a look.

Today, this design has become a unique style, and many people follow suit.

But when it was originally designed, it was not entirely for aesthetics. Why is that? Making the handles so small is not only to save materials, but also to make better use of the supplier's furnace space.

The small handle is also to make the stacking more compact, and the transportation cost from the furnace to the store shelf and on the container truck can be reduced a lot. IKEA has fully considered these small links that ordinary companies would not notice when designing products.

The wood chair manufacturers may be inspired by the following things.


If you understand the lifestyle of IKEA founder Kamprad, you won’t be surprised that IKEA places such emphasis on cost reduction.

Kamprad's life is extremely frugal, even reaching the level of stingy. As one of the richest people in Sweden, he was interviewed when he was 90 years old. He revealed that the clothes he was wearing were bought at a flea market, he went out in economy class, and drove an old Volvo car. He lives in Switzerland in order to pay less tax.

It is said that when he travels to a third world country, he has to get a haircut by the way, where it is cheap.

Kamprad brought his lifestyle to the enterprise. He has been known for cost-saving since he founded the company. It's simply unbearable to save to the peers, especially those suppliers who are so angry. Later, the furniture industry couldn't stand it, so they collectively resisted and refused to supply IKEA. If you go to IKEA now, you will find that all its products are designed by yourself. This is also no way, the supplier will not supply him.

Usually, Kamprad is soaking in the factory, constantly making various adjustments, cutting off one or two centimeters here, and changing the design there. In this way, he has made improvements from various subtleties and has consistently reduced costs for many years.

Adoption of new technologies

In the eyes of many people, reducing the cost of products mainly depends on the adoption of new technologies, new processes, and new equipment. This is certainly true. But have you thought about it?

In the long run, the new technology enhances the general technological level of society, and has nothing to do with the competitiveness of a specific company. Technology will be dispersed and popularized.

For example, with CNC machine tools, anyone can have high-precision metal processing capabilities. With ample supply of accessories, many companies can make mobile phones. Even if you have a temporary advantage, this advantage is also very fragile. For example, if a key technician is poached by a competitor, the company will be in trouble.

The glass mirror was invented by the Venetians, and it was very popular at that time and became a high-priced product. The Venetian wants to continue to make a lot of money by relying on glass mirrors, strictly abide by technical secrets, and even execute leakers. But the technology will always leak over a long period of time, and the manufacturing technology of glass mirrors has been taken away by the French. France also began to produce glass mirrors. The advantage of Venice collapsed instantly.

If you put the same situation in the chair industry, it is not difficult for
wood chair manufacturers to find that there is a very close relationship between the products.