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How to keep safe when using dining room furniture ?
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-31

I wonder how many people remember the "Death Chest of Drawers" incident? The safety incident that almost shocked parents all over the world made many parents realize the importance of home safety and the fragility of children's awareness of their own protection, and also exposed many hidden dangers that still exist in the safety of home furniture.

The arrangement of dining room furniture, Home safety, seemingly simple, are actually significant. Not to mention how frightening the topic of home safety is for some families with children. Even adults who have a certain ability to protect themselves are often harmed inadvertently.

However, what aspects should be taken to ensure home safety? The editor today brought you several common home safety hazards. Check this tweet to check whether there are these hazards in your home.

Furniture dumped

In fact, there are still many furniture on the market that do not have anti-dumping facilities, but these furniture are often the objects that children like to climb. It is conceivable that if these furniture are not fixed, if they fall over, it will cause much harm to the child.

So in principle, for safety reasons, all dining room furniture with a height of more than 60 cm need to be fixed to the wall. The editor also recommends that you place heavy objects at the bottom of the storage furniture against the wall, and lower the center of gravity, which is more conducive to enhancing the stability of the furniture.

In addition, many parents are accustomed to putting toys and snacks on high furniture where children can't reach them. However, these toys and snacks are safe, but children face a very high safety hazard. Putting these items that are strongly attractive to children on a high place can easily attract children to climb and take them. Children are easily injured if they are not careful, which is very dangerous.


I believe everyone will often have this experience. People who have right-angled bedroom furniture at home are very easy to be scratched by the right-angled or sharp points of the desk and cabinet. Even if this is the case for adults, let alone children. Therefore, when buying furniture, you should try to choose furniture with rounded corners or polished corners.

For unavoidable sharp points, take necessary protective measures, such as sticking child safety corners or soft materials on the corners of the furniture. The handle of the furniture is also best to use barrier-free design to prevent children from being pinched. In addition, the child's room and living room should be strengthened to store, and the child's toys and some small objects should be stored in time to prevent the child from tripping over.

dining room furniture


If there are drawers and keyboard trays in the furniture that are easy to fall off, install anti-falling devices as much as possible, or strengthen and fix them. In addition, I don’t know if you still remember the storage artifact that Xiaobian once brought to you: shelf. I would like to remind everyone here again. Although this shelf is very convenient, it can easily fall off if it is not fixed.

Electric shock

Electricity safety is also a commonplace but still very important topic. To avoid electric shocks to the maximum extent, it is of course the most effective and important to spread safety knowledge with children and raise awareness of electricity safety, but the necessary protective measures are also essential. The editor here strongly recommends the anti-electric socket to everyone, not to mention it is just a small object, but it has played a great role in the safety of children. If you want to better solve the security problem, the details cannot be ignored.

In addition, try to avoid the children with more than 22 cm cords, these cords on clothing or toys are easy to be caught, causing the child to suffocate.


Families with a large number of children often consider getting in and out of bed, but the editor here wants to remind everyone that when choosing to get in and out of bed, you must choose safety protection measures. In particular, safety protection against falling into bed must be in place. At the same time, it’s best to choose chairs with stable legs for children’s chairs and other dining room furniture.

When choosing furniture with casters, make sure that the chair and stool you are buying has at least two casters that can be fixed or has more than two non-caster support frames.

In homes with children, anti-skid measures should be taken as much as possible to prevent children from slipping or falling. Laying non-slip mats or preparing non-slip socks for children are very effective options.