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How is the sofa made by bedroom furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-27

The most typical piece of furniture is the sofa; after a tiring and busy day, when we come home, we usually like to rest on our comfortable sofa. It can be said that besides the bed, the sofa is the furniture we touch most every day. So, how exactly is the sofa made, do you know? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, the bedroom furniture manufacturers in china will tell us the process and process of making a sofa.

A set of sofas, its basic production process can be divided into: the production of the sofa frame, the bottoming and cutting of the sofa legs, the colored sponge bonding and nailing, and the sofa jacket.

Before the sofa is made, it is necessary to have experienced masters to draw a good plank. It is impossible to make a good sofa without a good model. Because every connection requires meticulous calculations, it's not a little bit of a difference to be almost done.

Frame of the sofa

After the slab is set, the frame of the sofa is officially made. The current sofa frame is mainly divided into two materials: solid wood and composite board. The frame of the sofa, in my opinion, is similar to a human skeleton, supporting the entire sofa. The firmness of the sofa frame structure and the rationality of the design angle will affect the quality and function of the sofa.

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china will plan at all levels.

bedroom furniture manufacturers

The living room furniture manufacturers fills the sofa with sponge, down and rayon. The main types of sponges are high, medium and low density sponges. The sponge inside the sofa will affect the sitting feeling of the sofa. The quality of the filled sponge will also affect the service life of the sofa.

(1) Cut out sponges of different shapes according to the shape of the sofa.

(2) Wrap the sponge outside the sofa frame.


Coat cutting and sewing

Each side of the sofa you see is a board, so-called leather board. Put the leather board on the cowhide to draw. Take care to avoid unqualified leather. Cut the skin later.

You can also use a blade to cut. Of course, if it is cloth, you can use electric scissors. You can cut multiple layers at a time.

After cutting the leather, pack the sofa cushion, armrests, backrest, and classification so that the next "sewing" can be produced smoothly and efficiently.

Sewing, flat car, joining the cut leather piece by piece, the sewing process is very important, and it is related to the appearance of a sofa.

Pressure line

Single-needle machine crimping, single-line and double-line need to be crimped to a margin of 5 mm, the line is symmetrical, straight and clear, and the direction is regular.

Pressure line. The double-needle car presses the thread, and the fabric is stacked on the joint of the flat car, and the double-needle car will overlap and sew firmly. The same is true for the entire jacket production process of the fabric sofa. But cutting cloth will be easier than cutting leather. But it is the same for skilled workers.

Transfer door

Cover the sewn sofa leather or cloth cover on the sofa. Fix it with gun nails according to the appropriate positioning of the sofa. Fabric sofas need to be equipped with zippers and other hardware. After these processes are completed, you can see such a leather sofa…


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