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Furniture e-commerce of upholstery furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-14

Different e-commerce platforms and platforms have different scales, different strengths, different business methods, products, and concepts. They have their own magic weapon to develop. Of course, there are a lot of talkers on the market. Some Taobao furniture store merchants said that only one trick is enough.

Low product prices are king. One trick is to eat fresh all over the world, so low that others can't think of it, and then keep brushing. Just brush the rankings. Others said that as long as the money is willing to spend money to buy traffic. Only a few large-scale e-commerce brands talk about customer management, overall display experience, brand operation and supply chain management of furniture e-commerce, as well as product quality, design, and functionality.

The upholstery furniture manufacturers Some are dealers equivalent to offline physical stores, they are purely individuals who open stores on public platforms and purchase goods everywhere.

upholstery furniture manufacturers

Some companies

Some companies open branded online flagship stores , Not only online sales, but also with a large number of offline physical stores to attract sales to build an O2O e-commerce model; now there are many new vertical e-commerce platforms, some are self-operated, some are open, mainly for enterprises and distributors in the furniture industry Open, with its own traffic; etc. Compared with the traditional furniture store-in-shop, the electric store has a large capacity and can put more products, or an unlimited number of products, but most of them are single product pictures, lacking physical experience, and lack of overall matching space experience.

It is consumption by looking at pictures. Many e-shops may only sell single products, relying on single product R&D and large-scale production with low cost and good craftsmanship. Therefore, they also pay more attention to the continuous improvement of the craftsmanship and functionality of the single product itself, instead of paying attention to other furniture, Compatibility with room space.

Current consumer demand.

Judging from the current e-commerce sales, upholstery furniture manufacturers are generally declining. On the one hand, experts said that the economic environment has entered a period of depression, and the decline in sales is universal and normal; on the other hand, the development of furniture e-commerce is different from the current consumer demand.

Furniture e-commerce has developed to the current stage, and it can be said to be relatively mature, but there are still many pure e-commerce sales that are based on the past thinking. No quality control, no brand operation, no customer management, etc., are sold with product pictures. Mainly, it is obviously different from the market demand of whole-house customization and self-assembly.

The defects of single product sales or puzzle consumption of series of furniture single product pictures are enlarged. In the past furniture e-commerce, consumers did not have any requirements for quality and after-sales, and even many consumers can tolerate small damage, but now they can’t. They not only pursue product quality and delivery and installation services, but also product experience There are higher requirements.

The experts

Therefore, some experts pointed out that the future business opportunities lie in physical stores. For consumers who want to buy furniture in online stores, guide for buying furniture is very important.

From the perspective of upholstery furniture manufacturers, the current major trend is that e-commerce brands go offline and open physical experience stores. It can be seen that in professional furniture exhibitions, e-commerce brands vigorously promote their offline franchise and open physical store projects. For example, Lin's Wood Industry is promoting offline franchise stores on a large scale. In order to open more offline stores, other e-commerce brands have jointly invested with distributors.

Some of these stores are physical distributors joining e-commerce brands to open stores in professional stores, some are open in large supermarkets, bustling shopping malls in urban areas, some are independent living halls, and some are open community stores through opinion leaders and community groups. Mainly promote sales and so on. Generally speaking, the combination of online and offline, from the previous offline companies to online, to now a large number of online brands go offline, are creating a new retail model of their own brand.