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For some home furnishing building materials vendors who operate first-line brands
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-23

The storefronts of this type of home building materials merchants are often messy layout, confusing display, crowded storefronts, and poor image. However, the store has a large variety of products, high, middle and low grades, and prices are often at the lowest end of the industry. There is no so-called professional shopping guide and Service, there is no tall shopping environment. For these, consumers don't care, as long as the price meets their psychological expectations.

Dining room furniture

The same is true for the home building materials market. There are not only villas and bungalows consumers pursuing high-end products and services, but also general owners pursuing furniture brands and services, and consumers who only care about prices. The overall demand of the market is diversified and stepped. For such consumer demand for home building materials, many home building materials dealers may not realize it, but they are already operating in this part of the market.

For some home furnishing building materials vendors who operate first-line brands, they are not interested in the "Pinduoduo" consumer group. They emphasize brands, products, and services; for dealers operating the lowest-end home building materials brands, they The consumer groups that have keenly grasped the market classification are more about how to ensure basic quality.

What needs to be changed is that the products and brands that they operate belong to the home building materials distributors who "do not make the high but not the low", whose brand awareness is not high, but the product price is not cheap. Upward, because of brand awareness, reputation and other reasons, can not win high-quality consumers; downward, because of product materials, craftsmanship, brand positioning and other reasons, the price is not attractive to middle and low consumers. Such dining room furniture manufacturers distributors are under great pressure to operate.

Decoration projects

Therefore, for home furnishing building materials companies, when consumption upgrades and consumption downgrades coexist, how to make choices based on their actual conditions, including channels, capital, experience, and brands, is now a critical critical point.

With the gradual change of the regional pattern of the overall hardcover market, channel integration and decoration diversification will also become a new trend in the refined decoration market. According to the prediction of Aowei Cloud Network, the number of fine decoration projects in my country will exceed 2,000 this year, and the overall scale will reach 2.05 million. From the perspective of the overall real estate residential market, the main area of ​​the real estate market in 2018 is East China. At the same time, the urban layout of the real estate residential market will gradually sink from second-tier cities to third- and fourth-tier cities.