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Customer flows of shops of living room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-17

How can home furnishing stores increase customer traffic and attract customers to shop?
Home furnishing stores have always been a channel that most home building materials manufacturers and distributors cannot avoid.

According to the author's incomplete statistics, at least 90% of first- and second-tier home building materials brands have opened stores in home furnishing stores such as Red Star Macalline, Jiaranzhijia, and Fusenmei.

Customer flow of shops

When opening a store in a store, passenger flow comes from two parts, one is inside the store, and the other is outside the store. We may often emphasize that we must take the initiative to market and look for customers outside the store. You cannot rely solely on the customer flow of the store itself.

This principle is completely correct, but at the same time, we must grasp the customer flow in the store. How to attract customers in the store to your store may determine the success or failure of many stores.

On weekdays, there will always be a certain number of customers coming to the store. If the product matching and marketing methods are not well done, they are unattractive, and cannot move people, the living room furniture manufacturers in china are likely to be unable to keep these customer.

living room furniture manufacturers in china


Therefore, stores are also looking for ways to retain customers, such as improving the experience, increasing discounts, giving gifts, and so on.

In the stores, living room furniture manufacturers in china have to find ways to retain customers and compete with their peers. Everyone gathers together to grab the flow of customers.

It is better for consumers to follow the guide for buying furniture when purchasing living room furniture, so that they can find suitable furniture.

Passenger flow is limited

However, the passenger flow is limited. How to attract these customers to their own stores is crucial to increase store performance. The general routines are:

Product interception, material interception, activity interception, shop assistant interception, temporary promotion interception, gift interception, team popularity activity interception, etc.

The shop has to be busy and it looks like there are people at all times to attract people from outside the shop. The shop is too deserted, and many passing customers are reluctant to come in.

This principle is also suitable for home furnishing stores. If a customer comes to the store, and there are no people in sight, they will instantly lose interest in the long-term stay. They may walk around and go to other stores.

Therefore, we must think of ways to create a lively atmosphere, such as inviting some designers to do activities on Saturdays and Sundays; providing venues for some activities at very low prices or even for free. The popularity has increased, which is very helpful for keeping customers.

Distribute flyers, engage in activities, and make advertisements on floor stickers or banners at the entrance of the store or at a location where the store has permission to intercept customers who come to the store in advance.

The living room furniture manufacturers in china think that the effect is not obvious, and the problem is that your advertisement is not attractive. The attractiveness of the flyer and the skill of the shopping guide will determine the success rate of the shop. So, look at other people’s ads and create more eye-catching ads.