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Aesthetics of young consumers realized by accent chair manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-08

In recent years, whether it is chairs or bedding, the overall market competition in the software field has gradually intensified. The accent chairs manufactur believes that young consumers are gradually becoming the main consumer group in the market, and compared with the previous generation, the younger generation presents a completely different consumption concept and value orientation.(accent chair manufacturers in china)


Competition on the supply side is intensified and consumption on the demand side is escalating. How to seize the needs of young consumer groups in a competitive environment of internal and external troubles will become a powerful weight in the new round of market competition, but how to truly respond to the escalation of consumer demand of young groups?

The aesthetics of young consumers has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation, which is manifested by paying more attention to product design. The appearance of the product is exactly the competitive factor for brands to switch quickly in the face of market changes. Almost all brands will respond to young consumers through appearance styling first.

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Three factors

Specifically, the youthful appearance of the software field is mainly reflected in the three dimensions of style, material, and color.

a. Style dimension: Nordic, light luxury style prevails

The overall performance is that the shape is more simple and smooth, thin and round.

b. Material dimension: More fashionable fabric products become popular

This year, the software benchmark Gu Jia joined hands with international supermodels and officially announced a new strategy to focus on the layout of the cloth art series, conveying the signal that as the consumer population is getting younger, cloth art has gradually become an important category in the software market. The designer applied the fabric to accent chairs, dining chairs and other products, and got very good results.

At this exhibition, the popularity of fabric products has been confirmed. Benchmarks in the sofa field, Zhihuashi, Gujia, etc. have strengthened their own fabric series; Alan, Serta, and Xilinmen in the field of bedding have also begun to promote fabric products. Seize market share.

c. Color dimension: color matching is more fashionable, low saturation color finishing

Although light gray and beige are still the most common basic colors, trend colors are still very important accent colors.

Modern fashion

Among them, the low-saturation trend color Morandi color system is sought after by the brand. The grayish color not only brightens the product and space, creates a fashionable atmosphere, but is also warm and comfortable enough to not produce strong visual stimulation to people.

It is worth noting that modern fashion is not only liked by young people, but also the overall trend of social development. Companies must consider not only young people in the current market, but young groups in dynamic changes and iterations, so as to constitute this consumer field. Positioning and how to respond. (accent chair suppliers in china)